Let us help

What we offer

Menu generation and hosting service for Greenbits customers.

Built on top of industry leading technology, your menus will always be available and always load as quickly as possible.

The menu-helper audit tool will provide your employees the insight they need to keep your product catalog curated.

Great menus with no compromises

We believe that your customers deserve accurate, up-to-date and intuitive menus. So we built them.

Monthly subscriptions

inquire about multi-location package rates

Menu Service (digital+print)

Menu-helper will generate and host your digital and print menus

  • menus updated throughout the day
  • takes minutes to setup
  • hosted on https://netlify.com

Data Audit Tools

Enjoy access to the menu-helper audit tools, quickly fix typos and inaccurate information

  • view your product data in a spreadsheet
  • visually identify formatting errors and typos
  • quickly identify compliance issues
  • data sync on demand

Menu Services + Data Audit Tools

Both plans combined, streamline your product menu experience

  • Menu generation and hosting
  • Data Audit Tools to help curate your product catalog
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